Ricardo J. Martins was born in Faro on February 3, 1984.

Always influenced by various musical genres he found in Portuguese Guitar how to express his sonorous feelings.

Since the first hearing of Carlos Paredes songs, the sound of this instrument showed him the musical path to follow.

Although mostly dedicated to accompany Fado, he sees in Portuguese Guitar an enormous capacity as a solo instrument, playing both the Lisbon Guitar and the Coimbra Guitar.

He recorded in the year 2014 his first instrumental Portuguese Guitar album called “Ricardo J. Martins“, essentially made of adaptations of themes outside the musical environment of Portuguese Guitar and versions of typical songs of the instrument with own arrangements. From this disc stands out the original theme and single “Danças na Eira”.

Constantly in search of new ways to the instrument, composing and playing, but always without forgetting the roots he edited in 2017 the successor album with the name “Cantos e Lamentos“.

This work counts with several special participations of musicians and instruments outside the Fado, as it is the case of the recorder, accordion, lyrical voice and percussions, as well as different musical experiences, giving to this work a unique personal stamp that goes from the music Traditional Portuguese music to classical music.

In his musical career he presented his music in the most different countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Serbia, England, Germany, Canada, United States of America, China, Ukraine, India, Venezuela, Romania, Bulgaria, Kenya and Cape Verde.

He had the privilege of playing with great names of our musical panorama as is the case of Viviane (Entre Aspas), Marco Rodrigues, Pedro Moutinho, Diamantina, Filipa Cardoso, Ana Sofia Varela, Cremilda Medina, Ilda Maria, Pedro Jóia and Alexandra.


Best Intrumental

“Corre Corre Corridinho”

Ricardo Martins

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